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I'm Our Lady of the Rosary.
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...In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph."
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Grand Knight’s Report June 04th 2013

Sts. Charles Lwanga and Companions

One of 22 Ugandan martyrs, Charles Lwanga is the patron of youth and Catholic action in most of tropical Africa. He protected his fellow pages (aged 13 to 30) from the homosexual demands of the Bagandan ruler, Mwanga, and encouraged and instructed them in the Catholic faith during their imprisonment for refusing the ruler’s demands.

For his own unwillingness to submit to the immoral acts and his efforts to safeguard the faith of his friends, Charles was burned to death at Namugongo on June 3, 1886, by Mwanga’s order.

Charles first learned of Christ’s teachings from two retainers in the court of Chief Mawulugungu. While a catechumen, he entered the royal household as assistant to Joseph Mukaso, head of the court pages. On the night of Mukaso’s martyrdom for encouraging the African youths to resist Mwanga, Charles requested and received Baptism. Imprisoned with his friends, Charles’s courage and belief in God inspired them to remain chaste and faithful.

When Pope Paul VI canonized these 22 martyrs on October 18, 1964, he referred to the Anglican pages martyred for the same reason.


Like Charles Lwanga, we are all teachers and witnesses to Christian living by the examples of our own lives. We are all called upon to spread the word of God, whether by word or deed. By remaining courageous and unshakable in our faith during times of great moral and physical temptation, we live as Christ lived.

Welcome Brother Knights, as we come to a close of our fraternal year I want to thank every brother for all they have done. Knowing the economy is still not in our favor which limits us on what we can do our accomplishments where well recognized and received by many. There is still much to do and little time left!!! First off is our 300 club event, we still have approx 75 tickets here to get out and sold, Election of officers, Scholarship committee, Scheduling of event for the upcoming fraternal year. Filling in of committee positions which we where short of this year and hope to have better support and help for the upcoming year. We have acquired through a donation a larger refrigerator which is in the kitchen now. We also have acquired a backup generator system for the council which I am working out the details to get it delivered here and installed. On the refrigerator please leave the setting between 4 and 5 which will keep the contents at about 45 degrees. I have found it many times turned to coldest which is making the temp below 32 degrees. Once food is loaded into the refrigerator it will be cycling on less.

Keeping the to-do list on our building alive please remember to support our association during the summer months in maintaining and upgrading our facility when scheduling a work day. Notifications for this will be communicated by email. June 8th we have Father Joe (our Chaplin) farewell mass and dinner I will let our worthy deputy Grand Knight Update us on this event, Father Frasier has also asked the council to operate a booth at the upcoming bazaar with our wheel, maybe we can sell some 300 club tickets during this event as well. We will also be organizing an event to help Holy Rosary fund the needed roof replacement and help during the summer months to get some of the task done would be great and lessen the last minute rush to pull the event together. There was also talk of a Wine and Cheese gathering as well as a possible Oktoberfest as well, pre planning doesn’t hurt and will make it easier to make the proposed event a reality.

During the summer months I would like to fit in a couple of open barbecue’s where we will have the simple food hot dogs, chicken, and burgers cooked outside along with corn on the cob and salads. For a period of 4 to 6 hours open to the general community. We would charge per person by adult or child and have the table setup inside where people can come in and eat and get to know who we are and what we do. We will have to keep the open tables clean for new guest as they show as the bar will be a cash bar beer and wine. We can possibly try to figure the soda in the admission fee. I was thinking of using Gordo’s to help us with this as well being they gave us a great price for the pasta night in honor of Pope Francis. Advertizing the event thru Gordo’s would be a big plus as well. Bill Julian brought up a good idea and will help where we can have one in support of the scouts. We could then open the invite specifically to the scout troops around the area.

It is with sad news to inform our brothers of the passing of Carlo Savino, Carlo’s wish was to come back home and his wish was granted where Services for Carlo was held here at the council at the families request. I will let our past Grand Knight John Magaletta inform the council of the details.

The Communion Breakfast did not happen here at the council as no RSVP’s where received which made it impossible to determine the amount of food needed. Therefore after the Mass those who wished to go to breakfast went to the diner. I will let our Deputy Grand Knight Bob Moser update the council on the details as well. In closing I want to remind all our brothers and their families to be careful as the hot weather approaches, please stay hydrated and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Severe sunburns and worst Heat Stroke is not something on would like to contend with.

God Bless all of you and your families with good health.

Grand Knight

Louis Marello